Harrisdale Senior High School

Harrisdale Senior High School

Since the commencement of its Gifted and Talented program in 2021, Harrisdale Senior High School has showcased its challenging and comprehensive curriculum. Coupled with abundant facilities and dedicated staff members, students are offered the opportunity to experience first-rate schooling.

The program aims to enrich students in various subject areas, challenging them with real-world hurdles and situations. Harrisdale SHS encourages the desire for change and innovation in the current youth to produce the next generation of leaders in Australia’s top industries.

Each subject is taught by a passionate and devoted specialist in that field, where students are prioritized and nurtured. The program actively involves students in their own learning, providing projects and ventures that foster independent and innovative thinking. From STEM experts to those charmed by the arts, it has something to offer for any student no matter their interests and passions.

Students are supported by state-of-the-art facilities throughout their studies, including 3D printers, VR headsets, and compound microscopes to name a few. Additionally, many enriching experiences such as competitions, international and interstate tours, and university extension programs are offered to students.

Harrisdale SHS extends students beyond school hours as well, providing a variety of co-curricular programs. Students have a selection of sports clubs, hobby groups, and leadership programs to undertake after school hours. This ranges from relaxing after-school activities such as gardening to active sports such as volleyball.

Naturally, academic studies can have a toll on students. Harrisdale places student well-being at the forefront providing a welcoming and positive environment as well as professional pastoral care. Caring and giving back to the community are also strongly encouraged. The school offers a variety of volunteering and community service opportunities, allowing students to develop strong relationships, interpersonal skills, and most importantly the desire to help.

Admission into Harrisdale Senior Highschool’s GATE program is through the GATE/ASET test that takes place each March.