Why Choose Us

At Test Champs, we believe success is achieved through hard work and practice. Your child can have ample practice for NAPLAN, Selective Entrance Tests and Scholarship Exams for NSW, VIC, QLD, WA & SA right here. You can learn more about us here.

Curated by Experienced Teachers

With the constant changes in the NAPLAN from paper to online, the change of format and increasing complexity of questions, our experienced teachers have kept track with the changes and ensure that our practice tests are as close to the real tests as possible.
Our team of experienced teachers has also researched the different formats of the Selective School Tests in each state, ensuring that our practice tests are catered to students of the respective state.

Having said that, our teacher writers have made our tests a little harder than the real ones so that students who do well in our practice tests are bound to excel in the real NAPLAN or Selective School Tests.

Covers All Aspects of the Naplan & Selective School Tests

Our tests are comprehensive, covering all the aspects that will be tested in the NAPLAN and Selective School Tests. Although our tests are marked automatically, the Writing tests are marked by experienced teachers against a set of marking rubric.