Selective High School Placement (SHSP) Practice Tests

We offer a number of practice tests that provide real life, competitive practical experience in the taking of SHSP. The practice tests consist of the following: Writing: Any genre (20 min) Reading: multiple-choice test (40 min) Quantitative Reasoning: multiple-choice test (40 min) General Ability: multiple-choice test (40 min) Purchase online for instant access!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applications must be submitted directly to the school and students can submit applications up to three schools. Applications open from 19 June to 24 July 2020 for 2021 applications. Click here to view the application process.
NSW has the greatest number of selective schools, with 21 fully selective high schools. The most famous fully selective high school is James Ruse Agricultural High School. There are 25 partially selective high schools. Click here to view the full list of selective high schools.