Ignite Program Practice Tests | SA

Prepare your child for the upcoming Ignite test through our number of specialised practice tests! In preparation for the Ignite, your child will be able to familiarise themselves with the test format and answer questions efficiently with practice across core learning areas. We specifically design our tests to better prepare and enhance skills across critical thinking, reading, and math. Through our Ignite practice tests, you can improve your child’s chances of admission to highly reputed institutions.

The Ignite practice tests consist of the following:

1- Written Expression : Any genre (25 min), 

2- Reading Comprehension: Multiple-choice test (45 min),

3- Mathematical Reasoning: Multiple-choice test (40 min), 

4- Abstract Reasoning: Multiple-choice test (30 min)

If you want your child to ace the IGNITE exam with flying colours, provide them with TestChamps’ ’ IGNITE Program practice tests. With our immediate online access-providing approach, your child can get a head start on the preparation right after purchasing the IGNITE Program Practice Test modules from us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In South Australia, the Department of Education has a program called Ignite for students with high intellectual potential and this is offered in Glenunga International High School, The Heights School and Aberfoyle Park High School.