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We offer practice tests that will help students to prepare for GATE and to improve their chances of attaining admission into one of the GATE schools. The practice tests consist of the following: Written expression: Any genre (25 min) Reading Comprehension: multiple-choice test (35 min) Quantitative Reasoning: multiple-choice test (35 min) Abstract Reasoning: multiple-choice test (20 min) Purchase online for instant access!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is only one fully selective school in WA – Perth Modern School. There are 21 other partially selective schools in WA and more to come. These partially selective schools have dedicated gifted and talented programs for students who were successful in the GATE/ASET but these schools also take in students who live in the local boundary. Some of the partially selective schools include Willetton Senior High School, Shenton College and Bob Hawke College.