Get your Child NAPLAN Online Ready

With the advancements in technology, online testing is becoming more prevalent. The concept of pen and paper is getting redundant and it’ll soon will be replaced by a newer advance system of online exams. Scalability, accessibility, and security are reasons that online testing is becoming more desirable.

Most of the testing authorities are switching to the idea of online testing, including ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority). The annual NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) tests run by ACARA started its first online testing with some schools in 2019.

NAPLAN is the measure through which parents, teachers, schools and government determine whether or not, the students are meeting the educational standards of education. Students get to know their competency skills in numeracy, grammar, writing, reading, writing, and spelling with the results of the test.

Education ministers of federal, state and territory decided that all schools will gradually shift to computer-based assessment from the paper-based test. All schools aim to undertake NAPLAN Online by the year 2021. The transition to online assessment was taken to have a better evaluation, faster turnaround of information and more accurate results.

However, the experience of NAPLAN Online in the year 2019 was not so good despite the extensive research and simulation did by the responsible authorities. Connectivity glitch and other technical issues have plagued the national rollout of NAPLAN online testing, with hundreds and thousands of students across Australia reporting difficulties accessing the exam.

This has caused immense pressure and increased the level of stress for the students sitting for NAPLAN. The issues students are worried about NAPLAN Online are as follows –

  • Internet Connectivity

 From past experiences, students are tensed about the connectivity issues. It is still a huge problem which has caused nerves in the students and this has increased their fear for the assessment exam.

  • Poor Online Practice

Students appearing for NAPLAN Online get nervous as they have practiced past test papers with paper and pencil. The concept of NAPLAN online is new so the students are not familiar with the format and this can cause them some anxiety. Besides, the online examination may not be designed in the most user-friendly mode. The students need to practice more and more to become familiar with the interface.

  • Security

Some students get tensed because of the fear of losing all the data and the information given by them. Writing exams may take a toll on students’ peace of mind.

These are the reasons that are affecting student’s well-being, performance and the downfall of their morale. So how can you get your child ready for taking the NAPLAN Online without causing undue stress, pressure, and anxiety?

Get Your Child Familiar with the Exam Format, Test Environment, and the Testing Process

Perhaps the most helpful thing you as a parent can do with your child is by familiarising them with the test conditions and the test itself. If the child is uncertain about what they are going to do or is under-prepared, he/she will get nervous and may find harder to settle down for the test.

You can check out the National Assessment webpage that contains links to information brochures, example tests, and demonstration links.

Test Champs’ NAPLAN Online practice tests are a great way to get your child familiar with the test and the testing conditions. Test Champs offer single and package assessments for each level that is Year 3, 5, 7 and 9. Practice NAPLAN Online papers are provided in an online test environment to make students recognized with the format of the online examination.

This will help your child to develop skills and confidence in undertaking the test online. With good preparation, practice, and familiarization, your child can easily perform brilliantly in the NAPLAN Online test without making it a big issue.