New Selective School in WA- Harrisdale Senior High School

It is indeed good news that the Department of Education has recognised that there is a need for more selective schools to cater to gifted and talented students. Having said that, the extremely hard and competitive GATE/ASET (Academic Selective Entrance Test) only admit the top 2.5% of the year cohort into the 18 public selective schools in Western Australia that provides an enriched and challenging curriculum.

New Selective School in WA

Besides these eighteen selective schools in Western Australia, Minister for Education and Training, Hon Sue Ellery announced in last August that Gifted and Talented Academic Program will commence at Harrisdale Senior High School in 2021.

Located on Laverton Crescent, WA, Harrisdale SHS will cater up to 32 selected Year 7 students with the extraordinary skills in the first intake of the program. It will gradually expand to other year groups in the coming subsequent year.

The students who desire to enter Year 7 in 2021 can apply for this new Academic Program as the applications for the GATE/ASET are closing soon in February.

Harrisdale’s Gifted and Talented Academic Program

First opened in 2017, Harrisdale SHS, WA provides access to local students with a quality education close to their home.

The introduction of the GATE Academic Program is evidence that Harrisdale SHS isa school interested in honing brilliance and excellence in their students. This program will offer academically outstanding students an education option close to their house so they do not have to travel far away from their residential area for a great school that fulfils their needs.

The school will be offering expanded learning in the areas of mathematics, English, science, humanities, and social sciences. The Harrisdale’s Gifted and Talented Academic Program is in addition to similar selective arts and academic programs being offered at all the other public secondary schools.

Top-Grade Schooling Experience for Students

Harrisdale SHS is equipped with dedicated, experienced and a highly qualified teaching staff that has the strong capability to deliver high-level teaching and learning programs of the Gifted and Talented Students along with other students. It is also under the leadership of a very capable principal, Ms Leila Bothams, who was the principal of Rossmoyne SHS from 2006 to 2015.

The curriculum under this program will be challenging and progressive, helping the students to become proficient in achieving their future endeavours. The gifted students are grouped with selected peers with the same abilities providing a nurturing environment for their growth.

Parents can expect a world of opportunities being offered by introducing Gifted and Talented Academic Entrance Program in Harrisdale Senior High School.

Prepare your Child for GATE/ASET

The combined cut-offs for selection into these programs are increasing every year making GAT/ASET harder and more challenging. As a result, your child needs to be thoroughly prepared for the test.

On the day of the exam, your child should be equipped with above-average reasoning and writing skills to feel confident.  They should be well prepared with techniques and strategies to solve problems under timed conditions.

With strict time limits and high difficulty level of the test, sometimes naturally gifted students miss out due to lack of confidence or practice.

With bundled ASET/GATE practice tests under timed conditions specially tailored for Western Australia at www.testchamps.com.au, students can gain the practice and confidence for the selective tests.