Countdown to South Australia’s Ignite & Western Australia’s GATE/ASET

The selective school tests are one of the most competitive and high-stakes exams for students. They determine the place of your child in selective schools to pursue academic excellence.

Besides helping the students seal seats in the best of the selective schools of their choice, good scores in these exams are evidences of academic potential. Successful accomplishment of these tests encourages gifted students to strive for the best and boosts their confidence; many such students go on to excel in the ATAR exam.

Selective school tests are approaching and students of South Australia are left with less than a month to prepare themselves as Ignite test 2020 is on 22 February. However, Western Australia students have a bit more time as the GATE (Gifted & Talented Exams) recently known as ASET which stands for Academic Selective Entrance Test is to be held on 14 March 2020.

Selective Schools in Australia are becoming increasingly popular and challenging with every passing year. With increasing competition, it is important to make sure that your child is well-prepared when the test day arrives.

Being prepared is also important to calm the nerves of your child; otherwise, the child may get nervous with unfamiliar questions such as abstract reasoning questions and jeopardise the entire exam. Being able to complete the exams under timed conditions is also extremely important to ensure success.

Your child needs to spend enough time building test-taking skills. As such there are no shortcuts or tricks to build such skills and confidence. Building confidence of your child comes down to two essential strategies –

  • Understanding the exam and the exam environment

The selective exams have two parts to the test. The first is the content of the information that the students need to study. The second is the test itself which is the layout, pattern, and format of the exam. 

As a result, the GATE and Ignite Exam not only test the knowledge of your child but also tests the ability of the students to work under pressure, coming up with quick solutions for new problems and excelling under timed conditions. Gifted students are selected based on all such qualities.

  • Practice. Practice. Practice.

Your child should have sufficient practice over a considerable period of time.  Having a practice test specially tailored for the state for which your child is taking the selective exam gives your child the needed confidence on the actual day.

Buying bundled exams tailored specially for the GATE and Ignite Exam from Test Champs may help your child to practise under simulated real test conditions. The only way to gain the unshakable confidence for the exam is to practise many tests so many times that the real selective exam becomes just another exam day. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes.

The above two strategies will help in gaining the confidence of your child which is a critical factor in cracking the exam. The ability to keep the brain under check, remain calm and demonstrates execution skills to score in the test shall separate the gifted students from those who may be equally bright but freeze up.

With bundled Ignite and ASET/GATE practice tests under timed conditions specially tailored for South Australia and Western Australia respectively at, students can gain confidence for the upcoming test in February and March.