Perth Modern School campus

The Juxtaposition of Bob Hawke College & Perth Modern School

Have you ever wondered at the juxtaposition of Perth’s only fully selective school, the Perth Modern School with its grand and traditional school building and the new, swanky, modern school building that belongs to the partial selective school – Bob Hawke College?

For the former, entry into the State’s top ATAR-ranked school is wholly by way of being offered a place through the Academic Selective Entry Test while the latter does have a local intake but also has a special program for students who are offered a place through the rigorous Academic Selective Entry Test.

The ASET or formally known as the Gifted & Talented Entrance Test (GATE) occurs in March every year providing a pathway into a Gifted and Talented Program in Year 7 at a Selective High School in Western Australia.  In Western Australia, the Gifted and Talented program is offered in almost 20 selective public high schools. Today, let’s take a look at the two schools in the suburb of Subiaco.

Perth Modern School- Only Fully Selective School of WA

Among the eighteen selective schools in Western Australia, the Perth Modern School is the only fully academic selective public school in the state for academically gifted students from Years 7 to 12.

Perth Modern School is the oldest public high school in Western Australia; it provides an enriched curriculum, supportive atmosphere and encouragement that enhances the skills of gifted students and help them achieve success in future academics. 

Students’ score in the ASET determines their selection into Perth Modern School. The cut-off score increases every year. Being the top selective school in Western Australia, it had the highest cut-off score in 2019 that was 237.78. It has also been ranked as the top ATAR school in the state.

Bob Hawke College- New Partially Selective School, WA

Earlier called the ‘Inner City College’, Bob Hawke College is named after the late Australian Prime Minister Robert James Lee Hawke. What captures the eyes is definitely the school’s modern building as it is a completely new school built in 2019; Bob Hawke College is a partially selective co-educational, public school at Kitchener Park in Subiaco.

The college will initially go on board with 250 students (Year 7) in the inaugural year 2020 and is expected to raise the number to 1500 students (Year 7 to 12) by the year 2025 with a capacity of 2000 students. The college is to become an exciting central hub for the Subiaco community.

  • Local-intake area

Bob Hawke College has its local-intake area in place. It is expected to take the pressure off the surrounding schools such as Mount Lawley Senior High School, Churchlands Senior High School, and Shenton College. The local intake areas of the latter schools have been amended and will take effect from the school year 2020.

Children living in the present local-intake areas of Churchlands Senior High School, Mount Lawley Senior High School, and Shenton College can be registered in their present-day local secondary school or Bob Hawke College provided they reside in this local intake area.

  • Gifted and Talented Selective Academic Program

Bob Hawke College has the prestigious Gifted and Talented Program running in its campus, entry to which is restricted through a highly stimulative selection process. However, the entry is not limited to where the family lives.

The program offers scholarships each year to be provided to exceptionally good two gifted and talented Year 7 students throughout their secondary education and help them achieve their success goals.

  • Highly Challenging ASET/GATE

The ASET/GATE is the only test used to identify gifted and talented students to enter selective public schools, though some other programs may require candidates to also participate in an audition or/and interview in addition to the test. The test is designed to be highly competitive and challenging. The students are put to the test for their intellect, knowledge, and speed in answering the questions as well. The presence of mind, ability to provide solutions to the given new on the spot problems is also checked.

The score to gain one of the coveted positions in Bob Hawke College for Gifted and Talented Academic Program is quite high, at about 230. Thorough preparation with a well-planned strategy is needed by students to succeed in the ASET/GATE to be offered a place in the program.

With bundled ASET/GATE practice tests under timed conditions specially tailored for Western Australia at Test Champs, students can gain the practice and confidence for the upcoming ASET/GATE in March.