NAPLAN online

Parent’s Guide to Understanding NAPLAN

As students progress through their school years, it is crucial for parents and teachers to know how well their children are learning the skills of mathematics, writing and reading, which will set them up on the path to success as grownups.


The new school year has just begun in many schools. Parents are preparing their Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 children for the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) which is an annual measure of the essential academic skills of students.

Administered by The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), NAPLAN 2020 will be taking place from May 12 to May 22, 2020, all over Australia.

The Importance of NAPLAN

NAPLAN (National Assessment Plan – Literacy and Numeracy) is like a snapshot in time with the national assessment allowing parents, teachers, and students to see how their child is doing in numeracy and literacy against the national standard and in comparison to the peers in Australia. It is a way to watch and record how children, schools, and Australia as a nation are progressing in education. It also provides information about how education programs are working in schools, territories, and states and what fields require improvements.

NAPLAN Test Structure

The National Assessment Test focuses on numeracy, writing, reading, and language. Each of the mentioned areas is considered to be important skills that students need to lay a strong foundation and achieve academic success in learning.

Numeracy: It’s a numeracy test to check how well a student can understand and act upon the new piece of information to solve a problem.

Writing: This section aims at testing the expressing power of students and how well students can construct their thinking and put their thoughts on paper.

Reading: This test measures the thoughts of students on what they read, how well they understand and interpret meaning on a variety of genre given to them.

Language: It measures the building blocks or development of the English language. This section includes skills such as grammar, punctuation, spellings, and construction of sentences.

Preparation for NAPLAN

Being a crucial part of the education journey of your child, NAPLAN testing introduces the formal exam style to the students that will prepare them to handle similar future tests.

Despite the drawbacks of NAPLAN, it does have its value and purpose. With motivation and support from their parents as well as teachers, students can grow and rise to the challenge by developing the essential skills at an early stage. Parents should boost the confidence of their children by helping them see NAPLAN as a great learning experience which allows them to get accustomed to new challenges and showcase their knowledge.

NAPLAN testing should be considered as just another part of the school program which assesses the skills they have learnt through the school curriculum. Ensure your child is familiar with the test structure and has sufficient practice to avoid any kind of unwanted anxiety.

With NAPLAN going online, boost the confidence of your child for the test by providing him/her with bundled practice tests tailored by