Shedding Light Into The New NAPLAN Reporting

Shedding Light Into The New NAPLAN Reporting

If your child is in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 this year, they should be doing the NAPLAN in mid-March. You’ll receive result reporting a little different from when they last took the test in 2022, though your child’s report will still show a comparison of their achievements within their cohort. NAPLAN results serve as indicators where your child stands in comparison to the cohort’s achievements as well as to provide additional support to strengthen your child’s academic foundation if needed.

Understanding Your Child’s NAPLAN Writing Results:

The new NAPLAN results introduced a simplified reporting style, departing from the previous ten “proficiency bands” to present a clearer “four levels of achievement”: exceeding, strong, developing, and ‘needs additional support’. Individual student reports outline the child’s performance in the writing section, comparing it to national standards. The report includes the child’s level, the national average, and a light green shaded area depicting the middle 60% of students nationally in the same school year and their current performance. It looks something like this –


NAPLAN Practice Tests –

Proactive parents do not wait for their child’s NAPLAN report to tell them that their child needs additional support but they prepare their child for it.

Test Champs ( provide comprehensive NAPLAN online practice tests including grading, marking with feedback for NAPLAN writing tests, which many other online test suppliers do not. Check it out here –