Sydney Girls High School

Sydney Girls High School

Every year, thousands of students undertake Selective School Exams in the hopes of getting into a prestigious establishment. However, only a select few are successful. For those lucky enough to gain entrance, Sydney Girls High School is one of the top selective picks for academically gifted girls.

Located in Surry Hill, Sydney Girls HS was established in 1883, making it the oldest state school for girls in New South Wales, and one with a fantastic reputation for success. Getting in requires strong academic merit and passing the Selective School Test, organised by the Selective Schools Unit (SSU).

Supportive and Nurturing Environment for Gifted Students

Sydney Girls HS fosters a love of learning and a strong academic experience, helping its students grow as individuals and broaden their horizons. Alongside a fast paced, challenging academic environment, Sydney Girls HS offers a range of extracurricular experiences, including sporting, the arts, intellectual and leadership experiences. Volunteering and taking part in current world issues is also endorsed and supported by the school, preparing girls for future career paths and life after graduation.

The school also promotes many leadership opportunities such as Model United Nations, NSW Youth Parliament, Australian Constitutional Conference and the Social Justice Network Conference. This is accomplished through the SGHS Leadership Scheme, which encourages students to take on a variety of leadership roles both within school and in the wider community.

Sydney Girls HS is also equipped with skilled and dedicated staff to fully nurture and develop the education of Gifted and Talented Students. Under the leadership of Principal Andrea Connell, students are offered not only educational and top-tier academic learning but also career guidance for all girls and supported work experience for Year 10.

Top-Tier Schooling Experience

NSW has the highest number of Selective Schools available, with over 21 fully selective high schools on offer. With over 19,000 applications in NSW in 2020, and just over 4,000 places available, Sydney Girls HS is highly sought after by thousands of students, and only the best girls are accepted. At this time, the average required score for getting in is 219, higher than most of the requirements for Sydney’s other Selective Schools. It is expected to have 150 places available for 2021, making enrolment highly competitive and sought after.

Notable Alumni

Gifted and Talented Students are the best of the best among Australia’s youth, and Sydney Girls HS recognises that talent, training thousands of girls each year in academic success, university opportunities and future careers. Among recent Alumni includes NSW’s current Governor, Vice Chancellors of two of Sydney’s universities and a Federal Court judge. Alongside them are numerous lawyers, doctors, educators and authors, making this school a key staple in its community and training future professionals.

All in all, Sydney Girls High School is one of the best opportunities available for Gifted and Talented Girls. With an environment that fosters individuality, leadership and career development, it’s the perfect starting ground for helping girls achieve their dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow.